Burly Bird represents birds and the people who love them.  We're about the spectacles of migration, the challenges of conservation, and all the wonders of birding.  We believe in contributing to conservation and in making choices that we feel good about.  That's why a portion of every Burly Bird sale is donated to conservation efforts. 

Burly Bird is about that elusive 'seep' in the treetop that is patiently waited out.  It's about the thrill and reward of seeing a bird you have never seen before.  A bird that may only be visible for seconds; that flew thousands of miles to get there; that you may never see again - but will never forget.  It's about the thrill of discovery and sharing with others the wonder of having a tiny, feathered creature make you feel small.

Burly Birders travel, binocular clad with field guides at the ready.  We keep lists, we never stop learning.  We've mucked through swamps, climbed mountaintops, slipped, tripped, fallen, been bitten, stung, and soaked - all in pursuit of what we love - BIRDS! 

We've been known to keep mental and/or written tallies on exactly which species we have seen in our yards.  On vacations.  While driving.  In parking lots.  Out of range.  Out of season.  Our stickers let you show the world that you appreciate all things feathered and value their conservation.

Our online store is a safe and secure environment where you can browse our collection of fine avian adhesives and order your very own Burly Bird.  Be sure to check back regularly, we'll be cranking out new species all the time...